Email audience segmentation using claims data

I sent this email in early November 2015 and worked with IT to identify members who had not yet filed a claim for a flu shot. This reminded them to get a shot and that the shot is free. It also told them where to get a shot and how to find a doctor within their network so that the member wouldn’t  incur any extra cost. Several weeks after this was sent we ran a comparison of those who received this email against those who hadn’t. This population had a 17% higher vaccination rate.

Email Flu Example


Communicating value to members

This email went to 250,000 Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield members and reminded them of ways they can maintain a high level of health care without spending additional money. I determined the topics for this, wrote it and defined the audience segmentation. (ex.– The Zika article only went to women under 45.)  My focus is always from the member’s/customer’s point of view and communicating the value of the offering.

Email example